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About Us


The Purple Circle was formed with the intention to provide high quality and unique products to the fastidious Muslim consumer.
In 2013, we launched ‘Our Baby’s Album’, a product focusing on the important milestones a Muslim child experiences from birth to the age of 5 years. This was a labour of love for our founder as it was inspired after the birth of her child. We initially started supplying our product through select retailers in the major South African cities. However, we soon realised that there was a growing demand for our products in outlying areas and consequently ‘The Purple Circle‘ came into fruition.
A simple dream soon evolved to empower home based Muslim industries with the platform to showcase their products to a wider audience.  Select, quality products will be offered allowing female entrepreneurs the opportunity to empower themselves further.
The Purple Circle hopes to bring ‘Our Baby’s Album’ and a unique selection of bespoke, superior quality products to the Muslim consumer.